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Wedding dresses remembered

I was into a pretty good groove creating wedding dress portraits for awhile there, but it seems like over the last few years custom artworks have shifted to other subjects! I love making all sorts of portraits - pets and houses especially.

But I've been thinking about dresses lately and how much I miss making the wedding dresses specifically.

I enjoyed hearing wedding stories, getting to know clients... if the piece was for a friend or sister. I got into all the little details that made each dress so unique. All the buttons. The lace. Pleats. Color.

It was a thrill to figure out how to make my paints and pencils match these perfect 3D garments.

So I made a video collection of all the dresses I've immortalized over the years. The very first was made in May 2009. What!?! It's been a long run. And I hope to create many, many more!

(That's the very first - it holds a soft spot in my heart, but I definitely think I've come a long way over the years)

Let me know if you are a bride, or know of any weddings coming up. I'm a sucker for love stories.

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