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Celebrating Greensboro

Yes! Weekly put together a coloring book to highlight Greensboro, NC and the surrounding triad area using local artists.

My first thought was to do a drawing of my dad, who delivered mail downtown for so many years he became an institution!

Everyone knew him, he knew everyone.

Even after retirement from the United States Postal Service, he couldn’t stay away from the personable delivery business - he works in the mail department of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro! Still bringing smiles with every letter, and still very much the heart of Greensboro.

There are so many great coloring pages by so many great artists, all celebrating the best parts of the Triad. Take a look, and order a copy today while they’re still available!

Yes! Weekly’s press release - featuring a little blurb about me (when COVID19 became widespread, they delayed the coloring book and emphasized the artists’ responses and reactions to the pandemic)

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